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About Voice for Energy

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fighting for

Canada’s natural gas resource is one of the cleanest and most reliable in the world. Its infrastructure has delivered affordable energy to Canadians for over 100 years. What’s more, cutting edge cleantech innovations in the industry are making Canadian natural gas cleaner and more efficient every day.

Standing up for energy choice doesn’t just help Canadian energy consumers. Natural gas advances domestic energy goals like increased energy security, emissions reductions, and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Canada also has a generational opportunity to advance the global energy landscape by sharing our natural gas resource. For our allies around the world, replacing coal with Canadian natural gas means significant reductions in emissions and a secure access to reliable energy.

Voice for Energy is a national initiative of gas energy companies and stakeholders who are passionate about preserving energy choice for Canadians. Our work is deeply informed by public opinion research. Through this research, we're learning that more and more Canadians are standing up for access to energy choices including natural gas.

Voice for Energy is how we speak up, together, and tell decision makers that Canadian natural gas belongs in our future.


Inspiring stories & useful tools

LNG, Canada’s Economy, and Reducing Emissions

Meeting increased global energy demand

Every day, more and more people need access to affordable energy to live their lives comfortably. The reliability of that access is what we mean when we talk about energy security.

Can people get the energy they need to heat their homes, run their businesses, and support their lifestyles? Can they afford it? Do they have options to choose from?

Natural gas affordability and your bottom line

Affordability matters

With inflation on the rise and high interest rates adding to economic pressures, affordability has become the number one issue among Canadians. Among affordability concerns, the cost of the energy to heat and power our homes is a crucial one.

Where does natural gas come from?

Natural gas is abundant, reliable, affordable, and clean compared to other fuel sources. That’s why it’s become an essential energy source in our modern world.